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Installing R (old macOS)

My (ancient) macOS Sierra laptop couldn’t install the latest version of R. Meanwhile my Linux machine has no GUI and I generally use it for offline programming, so it doesn’t really make sense for data related work.

Note there is now a cloud version of R that doesn’t require downloading and installing anything (“RStudio Cloud” or something) but I suspect my browser will melt. Also, clouds can be trickier in the long run.

So this install was a bit weird:


Once R is working (just run the R command in a terminal):

> install.packages("tidyverse")
> library(tidyverse)

I got some mysterious incompatibility warnings during the install, but they don’t seem to have actually broken anything.

finally, to check that something worked:

> ?ggplot
> ggplot()

Got a test window to pop up!

Final test: launch RStudio, and check that it doesn’t throw any huge errors. That’s it! (RStudio is really slow on my machine and I will try to stick to the command line for the most part).