Alvin Kerber

math and computers and stuff


228 Prob Graph Models Keller-Friedman, Probabilistic Graphical Models

295Q Nielsen-Chung, Quantum Computation and Quantum Information

254 Complexity Arora-Beck, Computational Complexity

Tufte other books

CME 108 Scientific Computing Ascher-Greif, First Course in Numerical Methods


ACCT 313 Accounting Based Valuation McKinsey, Valuation

FIN 211 Corporate Finance Berk-Demarzo

FIN 305 Capital markets and investiments Bodie-Kane-Marcus

GSB 305 Investing for Good David Swansen, Pioneering Portfolio Management

ACCT 618 Market Efficiency and Information Arbitrage Nicola Gennaioli and Andrei Shleifer, Crises of Belief (cheap! $30)

MGTECON 203 Managerial Economics Accelerated Kreps, Microecronomics for Managers (cheap! $40)

OIT 367 Big Data Taddy, Business Data Science (cheap! $25)


51 Microeconomics II Varian, etc

102B Applied Econometrics Hill et al, Principles of Econometrics

Physics (just for fun)

63 E&M Purcell

130 Quantum Griffiths

160 Astrophysics (undergrad) Maoz, Astrophysics in a Nutshell

330 QFT Peskin-Schroeder

360 Astrophysics Carroll Rybicki, Radiative Processes in Astrophysics

362 Early Universe Kolb-Turner, The Early Universe


175 Functional Analysis Young, Intro to Hilbert Space

205B Real Analysis II Schechter, Principles of Functional Analysis

236 Stochastic Differential Equations Oksendal, Stochastic Differential Equations

239 Mathematical Finance Bjork, Arbitrage Theory in Continuous Time


Too many courses stuck in shrink wrapped readers, including signals :(

364A Convex Optimization Boyd-Venderbergh, Convex Optimization

103 Intro to Matrix Methods Boyd-Vanderberghe, Intro to Applied Linear Algebra

101A circuits Hambley, Electrical Engineering Sedra-Smith, Microelectronic Circuits

108 Digital Systems Dally-Harting, Digital Design

264W Digital Signals Oppenheim-Schafer, Discrete-Time Signal Processing


203 Intro to ANOVA Faraway, Linear Models w/ R

208 Bootstrap and Cross Validation Efron, Large Scale Inference

290 Computing Hadley-Wachman, Advanced R

217 Stochastic Processes Pinsky-Carlin, Intro to Stochastic Models

221 Random Processes and Graph Lattices Grommett, Probability on Graphs

300B Theoretical Stats II Lehmann books van der Vaart, Asymptotic Statistics

310B Probability II Billingsley Durrett Williamns, Probability with Martingales

317 Stochastic Processes Karlin-Taylor, Second Course in Stochastic Processes