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Andrew Fisher, Big Hunger William Barnett, Getting it Wrong Hoffman et al, Minding the Weather

Neuroscience + CS

Cohen, Analyzing Neural Time Series Data Neural Engineering Biomedical Signal Analysis Bioinformatics Algorithms Quantitative Biology Quantum Fundamentals of Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering

Joseph Y. Halpern, Actual Causality Reasoning about Uncertainty

Donald A. Norman, The Invisible Computer

Kochenderfer, Algorithms for Optimization

Some NIPS stuff: Log-Linear models, expansions, and applications Problems, Optimization, and Statistics

Wan Fokkink, Distributed Algorithms

Social Signal Processing

How Not To Program in C++ Friedman, Little X

Ankur Moitra, Algorithmic Aspects of Machine Learning

Secret Life of Programs Mazes for Programmers Learning OpenCV3 Mastering Bitcoin