Alvin Kerber

math and computers and stuff


Honors Intro sequence:

Upper div UG:

Sanjoy Mahajan, The Art of Insight in Science and Engineering


Econ 1 intro

Econ 50 intermediate micro Varian, Intermediate Micro with Calculus

Econ 52 intermediate macro Jones, Macroeconomics

Econ 202 micro for non econ grads (what do the PhD students get?)

lots of boring 200 courses

Econ 270 Econometrics

Econ 286 Game Theroy

Stanford Business/Finance:

UG not many core courses

Bus Acct 213 Accounting

Bus Fin 201 Finance

Only real business school class is 620 Financial Markets (there’s also some econ overlapping classes but just look in Econ dept)

Campbell UG advice: basic microeconomics (Varian, etc), corporate finance (terminology / “domain knowledge”, and statistics is sufficient)

Extra books for this class also:

B School other subject books:

BUS 603, Casella-Berger for stats/econometrics (other books bad) BUS 675 Mas-Collel for microecon BUS 600 Kreps, Microeconomic Foundations