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Textbook notes from Stanford 2019 Fall term


200 Statistical inference Rice

202 Data Mining Hastie easy book

205 Nonparametric stats Wasserman All of Nonparametric statistics

Lai/Xing (finance bok) is the profs own book … questionable

300A Theoretical Stats (PhD) Keener, Theoretical Statistics

310A Probability (PhD) Billingsley Durrett another book

160 Freedman et al, Statistics

191 Applied stats Chaterjee + Hadi, Regression Analysis by Example

Stanford stat 160 = UG standard stats (MIT 18.650 is in between)


Fancy finance:

Gulliver, Economics of Risk and Time


Fancy physics:

Arfbenetal, Mathematical Methods for Physics

Miller, Quantum Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers


Fancy/formal econ (all 1st year econ PhD level):

Findenberg-Troale, Game Theory but Osborne-Rubinstein, A Couse in Game Theory is much shorter!


Bunneau et al, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies -> lolz but probably as good as I’ll get

otherwise, just Cormen et al, and instructors assigning their own books (Kochenderfer might be worth looking at as a course)

Ge Wang, Artful Design

Kochenderfer, Decision Making Under Uncertainty