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Current total boot time: 22 seconds. (from BIOS load to full boot: less than 10 seconds).



Terminal environment

It is sadly impossible to configure the console terminal very much. But I tried my best.

Development Software

I was surprised that there’s a new end user interface to install Debian/Ubuntu software. The new (to me) command is called apt and it’s a replacement for things like aptitude which I used to use. It provides nicely configured wrappers around apt-get, apt-cache, dpkg, etc.

Programs (all installed with sudo apt install ____):

Offline documentation:

That’s it! My tiny SSD only has 5GB used – 90% free space!


Addendum (update 2019-07-28)

For some inexplicable reason, sometimes when rebooting my laptop it fails to pick the correct font and reverts back to the ugly, tiny default font. I don’t know how to fix this long-term. I fixed it short-term by re-running

sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup

a bunch of times, and rebooting until it worked. My best guess is some kind of race condition / misconfiguration of the boot process. But I really have no idea how that could happen.